Sombrero Taco Shop – 3rd time lucky?

Tucked away in a tiny shop in Old Juffair, just past Juffair Dome (not to be confused with Dôme Cafe in Juffair) you’ll find a little taco shop.

I first heard about this place on Facebook and I immediately left the house to score some breakfast burritos. I picked up an egg/potato/cheese burrito for myself and a machaca burrito for Jaina. They took ages to make (30-40 min?), but they were worth the wait, and pretty good value.

The second time was around Christmas 2014. My brothers were in town and we decided to order delivery. This turned out to be a huge mistake. The food arrived after an hour and a half. I remembered I ordered chilaquiles, and what I got was essentially nachos. Cold nachos. In fact, out of the 5 dishes we ordered, one was hot and the rest varied from warmish to cold. On top of that, the food just wasn’t very good. Nevertheless, we chalked this up to ‘just don’t order delivery’ and ventured out recently for the third visit. Would this be the meal that turned things around? Or would it be our last? Continue reading