Breakfast at Cafe Amsterdam

Brunch – an almost exclusive weekend meal where you spend the entire day eating and drinking. Which is a valid choice of activity for any weekend. However, brunch in Bahrain isn’t the brunch we know and love. Seems brunch food is lost in Bahrain. It’s more of a Linner (Lunch-Dinner) than a brunch. So when a choice comes between breakfast or brunch, we tend to always choose breakfast.

Which is exactly what we did when we called Cafe Amsterdam, one Saturday morning, and were given this very choice. Cafe Amsterdam is one of the newer kids on the block. Opened in the middle of 2014, sharing outdoor venue space with the fantastic La Vinoteca Barcelona, Cafe Amsterdam is a slightly different beast. Same impeccable high standards, but things just feel a little bit lighter. More casual.

Well, we had plenty of stuff to get done that day, brunch could wait. Also, BD26++? A bit steep for us!

Right, onto the food. Continue reading