Al Maisam – a hidden gem in Salmabad

Al Maisam in Salmabad

Ask any resident of our quaint little island where the best Indian food in town is and you’ll get the same few responses – Lanterns, Copper Chimney, Spices, Nirvana, and maybe a few shout-outs to Saravana Bhavan and Sangeetha. These restaurants are good. Very good. But are they the best? I’m not so sure.

Those familiar with Salmabad will immediately have an image pop into their heads. Intertwined dusty streets filled with car part stores, garages, industrial lots, and littered with cars seemingly left to rot in the unforgiving sun.

I ventured out to Salmabad with a friend to get some car work done one morning (Yep! Another breakfast post. Shocking.) and hunger hit us… hard. So we ventured out in hopes of finding something, anything, to eat. We made it about 80 metres before spotting a small shop with some Indian snacks in the window. Maybe they have something more substantial? Worth investigating at the very least. Continue reading