Non-Food Review: Eat App

Eat App

While this isn’t a food review it is indirectly related to food. Well, related to the eating of food – the Eat App.

Eat App is a brand new Bahrain-grown app to help make booking restaurants all the easier. Upon first hearing about the app I was interested but a little cynical. Wondering whether the app actually solved a problem that was worth solving. I didn’t think there was that much pain around booking tables for restaurants in Bahrain.

This is where Anish piped up. Booking a restaurant out of its operating hours is nigh on impossible. Over the phone, you can run into misunderstandings. Little things can go wrong. So maybe, the Eat App did solve a problem that needed solving.

Not long ago we gave the Eat App a whirl. We’d both been waiting for its release on Android and for a particular restaurant to appear in their listings. Gradually, restaurants are added to the app. Initially, there were mostly high-end type restaurants available to book at. But thankfully the range is getting bigger!

I booked brunch at Masso. It was a totally painless affair using the app. Choose your restaurant, party size, and time and hit book. Done. Got a helpful automated email after the booking telling me my booking was made. However, there was a little confusion from here on that was not to do with booking through the app.

There was a line in the email saying that the hostess needed to confirm the booking with me over the phone. Waited for the phone call. In the meantime, I did get a call from the Eat App people asking how it was making the booking with the app, which is a nice touch.

With the booking being for a special occasion and only a week away, I decided to call Masso up to confirm. Called, confirmed and then I get an email from Eat App telling me my booking has been canceled! What?

Eat App have got some great customer service. And I hope it stays that way as it grows. A quick email to them and they explained what had happened. The booking was still there. Woo!

The Eat App is still fairly new and I think it’s still taking a little while for restaurants to fully incorporate Eat App’s booking systems into their own, but it’s a worthwhile app to have if you’re in Bahrain and like your food. And like to get to your food without much effort.

It’s available on iPhone and Android. Give it a whirl, we think it’s worth it.

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  1. Moya says:

    As you say, the Eat app is pretty painless to use and handy to have. I’ve had no problems using it and look forward to many more restaurants being added.

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