About BHBh

Brutally Honest Bahrain is the restaurant review home of Anish & Jaina, a couple of foodies who enjoy nothing more than a good, honest meal. Breakfast, lunch or dinner. Crazy expensive or just a few fils. As long as it ticks our boxes, we’re happy.

Why start the blog? And what the hell is up with the name?

Well, both of us grew tired of much of the food and restaurant review blogs for Bahrain based restaurants. There’s a sense that reviews are not entirely unbiased. And the massive amount of hidden little hole-in-the-wall type places that don’t seem to get a word in, but in our opinion, can smash any of the top end restaurants in Bahrain.

So here we are, a food loving couple who are completely frank and honest about the food we’re eating and the places we’re eating said food in.

More about Anish & Jaina

Both originally from the UK. While Jaina’s a born and bred Londoner with Bahrain being her first big move, Anish has gone from the UK to America, Uganda, Kenya, back to the UK and now in Bahrain.

Anish is the chef at home and Jaina’s the lucky person who gets to eat all that he makes. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.

Food is given a slightly above average amount of importance in their lives with “what’s for breakfast/lunch/dinner” being the most popular question in the household. It’s not uncommon for whole days to be planned around food. Food and squash. Anish and Jaina are avid squash players, and the game definitely brings out the competitive side in both of them!

On the day-to-day side of things, Anish works as a marketer for a financial company. Aside from food, Anish’s other passion is football, being a proud and loyal Gunner. Oh, and to check out some of Anish’s culinary triumphs, follow him on Instagram.

And Jaina’s an email marketer for a small start-up company. During her downtime she watches a fairly ridiculous amount of TV and films. Enjoys a spot of photography and runs her own blog – Time Well Spent.